About Padanama


Sri Siddhartha Foundation for better Meaningful World


To address the basic needs of general public without taking race, creed or social differences in to consideration.

The thematic objective of ‘The Sri Siddhartha Padanama’ (Foundation) of Thalagala is the creation of a virtuous and meaningful world.

It is pleasure to inform that the Sri Siddhartha Foundation has executed many services over last 25 years on both physical and spiritual development of people, irrespective of race, religion and nationality, based on the theme of “Meaningful World”.In order to achieve this objective it caters productively to the basic needs of people without heed to religious and other differences in society. The Foundation recollects with joyous piety the immense services it has been able to render during the past twenty-five years for both physical as well as spiritual development of the people who need these services most in rural areas.

With the identification of the needs in the fields of Health, Economy, Agriculture, Lands, Housing, Environment, Women, Children, and needy people, the foundation has extended its services to make their life in more meaningful.

In the performance of its services the Foundation has paid special attention to those living in conditions of intense poverty in the remote parts of the country far removed from the more affluent urban areas. The services rendered are in education; health-care; economic circumstances pertaining to land, agriculture and housing; environmental conditions; and including cultural activities, with especial attention to the deprivations suffered by women and children. The specific services hitherto performed by the Foundation are listed below.

  • Organizing pilgrimages and cultural workshops
  • Granting scholarships and educational equipment to needy children
  • Operation of training institution in Information Technology
  • Conducting medical clinics for people in remote areas
  • Providing health care assistance to needy persons
  • Donation of equipment to hospitals
  • Construction of water purification plants, especially in areas where Kidney diseases are endemic
  • Assisting formalities relating to funerals
  • Granting assistance for self-employment
  • Promotion of home-garden farming
  • Construction/improvement of dwellings
  • Improvement/repair of rural roadways, culverts and anicuts
  • Conducting programs for the promotion of ethnic and religious harmony
  • Provision of welfare and relief services to those in distress due to armed conflicts and natural calamities
  • Conducting cultural development programs. 

Aiming at improving the metaphysical aspects of the daily life of the people,the ‘Sri Siddhartha Foundation’ has conducted diverse programs such as Aamisa Pooja (lit. ‘Material offerings’) and Prathipaththi Pooja (offerings of ‘Dhamma principles’), in accordance with traditional rituals. With the generous assistance of philanthropists, both in Sri Lanka as well as abroad, the Foundation has been able to improve village temples – the spiritual nuclei of village communities – and cater to the needs of their incumbent monks who provide guidance to the people in the path of righteousness.Among the activities undertaken by the Foundation with these objectives are the GiribhandaPooja that are intended to fulfill the deficiencies in such temples. Well over 800 temples in the districts of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee, Ampara, Monaragala and Badulla have hitherto benefitted from these Pooja; and, presently, the Foundation is organizing to conduct similar offerings to be conducted in September this year for 200 temples in Matale District. 

Giribhanda Pooja” is one of the key activities implemented biennialy by the Foundation on spiritual development of the people. It will be able to cater to very many requirements/needs of temples in various districts of the Country. These assistances are much helpful to perform more religious activities in meaningful way.

Concurrently, the foundation has contributed to construct of Stupas, Shrine Rooms, and Protective Walls Around Sacred Bo-Trees, Bhikku Dwellings, Assembly Halls for Devotees and Toilets in about 80 temples. In parallel to this Giribhanda Pooja, the Foundation has carried out Khatina Pinka marituals among 50 temples situated in the remote areas of the country.

In working towards the objective of building up a generation of Bhikkus who would constitute the vanguard of spiritual affairs of Sri Lanka in the future, The Siddhartha Foundation has promoted educational development in 133 Temple Schools (Piriven Schools) by distributing books among more than 4,000 of their novitiate monks.

To develop inner mind or spiritual levels of people, workshops on Amisa Pooja and Prathipaththi Pooja are being conducted. With the help of generous contributions from local and foreign devotees numerous steps have been taken to uplift the standards of Village Temples (Viharsthana) as the centers of spiritual development and look in to the necessities of Bikkhus .

The Siddhartha Foundation which has all along channeled to the needy the resources gifted by philanthropists with a sense of utmost dedication and commitment is always prepared to address directly to prospective donors – institutions and individuals – those deserving philanthropic help and benevolence; and invites all devotees to participate in its task of creating a virtuous world. 

It is a pleasure to recollect the pleasant memories of past 25 years, how we have developed the physical and spiritual levels of most needed in rural, under developed areas. Given below are some of the activities performed by the foundation during past 25 years.

  • Organizing of workshops of different fieldsand tours of cultural and religious importance.
  • Sponsoring of scholarships and distribution of School equipment.
  • Organizing of medical clinics.
  • Sponsoring of medical aid.
  • Maintenance of a fully equipped computer training centre
  • Donation of equipment to hospitals.
  • Construction of water purification units in Kidney affected areas
  • Conduction of home garden workshops
  • Sponsoring for self-employment
  • Donation of dwelling houses.
  • Construction of road ways and water ways.
  • Conduction of workshops in support of national unity and harmony.
  • Rehabilitation of war affected victims & those who suffered from natural calamities
  • Conduction of cultural shows.

Foundation guarantees the correct, appropriate and proper use of the funds received from donations for uplifting of standards of general public including Mahasangha, also directs the well wishers.

Thalagala Sri Sidhdhartha Foundation cordially invites you to join hands with us to offer a meritorious and fruitful service to build a meaningful world.