Offering of Dhamma Books for Student Monks and Lay Students

Foundation has consistently extended its assistance towards the education of monks and lay Students. The contribution of Sri Siddhartha Foundation toward developing a generation of young student monks and lay students to lead the task of enhancing future social values of the country is of special importance. Many problems are encountered in developing Pirivenas (Education Centers for Monks) in faraway rural areas, specially, procuring the recommended text books is a difficult task. Therefore, from 2011 Sri Siddhartha Foundation continues to provide text books to student monks of the Pirivans. Todate, recommended text books have been provided to 4,280 student monks in 134 Education Pirivenas and selected photos of the book offering events are given below.


Offering of Dhamma Books - 2016 - Puttalam


Offering of Dhamma Books - 2015 - Matale & Nuwara Eliya


Offering of Dhamma Books - 2014 - Polonnaruwa


Offering of Dhamma Books - 2013 - Anuradhapura & Trincomalee


Offering of Dhamma Books - 2012 - Ampara


In 2012, the Foundation offered Dhamma Books for 530 student monks and lay students studying in Pirivenas in the whole of Ampara District with the assistanceof Singapore Devotees.

In 2013, the Foundation offered Dhamma Books for 1,500 student monks and lay students studying in Pirivenas in the whole of Anuradhapura and Trincomalee District with the assistance of Maha Karuna Buddhist Society at Sentul Buddhist Kuala Lumpur.

In 2014, the Foundation offered Dhamma Books for 500 student monks and lay students studying in Pirivenas in the whole of Polonnaruwa District with the assistance of Singapore Devotees.

In 2015 and 2016, the Foundation offered Dhamma Books for 1,750 student monks and lay students studying in Pirivena in the whole of Matale, Nuwara Eliya and Puttalam Districts.




No. of Temples

No. of Students


Ampara District




Anuradhapura and Trincomalee Districts




Polonnaruwa District




Matale and Nuwara-Eliya Districts




Puttalam District








Distribution of Books to Dhamma Schools

Services rendered by the Dhamma Schools for developing children to be good citizens are of immense significance. Dhamma Schools in rural areas are conducted under difficult circumstances. To encourage the students and to appreciate the voluntary service of Dhamma School teachers, Foundation offer gifts to both students and teachers. Foundation annually Sponsors Students’ Skills Evaluation Programme and Student Conferences conducted by Horana Sananarakshaka Bala Mandalaya. 

The list of Dhamma Schools at which the above programs were sponsored is presented below;

  • Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Dhamma School - Soraboara Janapadhaya, Mahiyanganaya
  • Sri Vishudharama Dhamma School - Karuwalagaswewa, Thabbowa
  • Sri Sathbodhi Vihara Dhamma School -  Pallama, Thukkinna, Puttalam
  • Sri Sudharshanarama Dhamma School - Manelgama, Wellawaya
  • Sri Gangathilaka PuranaVihara Dhamma School - Millaniya, Kaluthara
  • Sri Saddhakirthi Dhamma School - Damanewewa, Nuwaragala, Polonnaruwa

In addition to the above, the Foundation offered Thripitaka and Atuwawa Books to the following temples.

Thripitaka Books
(Pali Canon)


Sri Sudarshanarama Pirivena - Maithreegama, Welikanda
Siri Piyarathana Pirivena - Moneragala
Sri Jinalankararama Pirivena - Ruwanpura, Welioya

Atuwawa Books
(Commentary Books)


Sri Wishwa Keerthi Pirivena - Budumuttawa, Nikaweratiya
Sri Deepaloka Maha Pirivena - Balalla, Mahawa