Other Community Services

Organizing Spiritual Development Pilgrimages

Foundation organized many four day pilgrimages for spiritual developments to sacred religious places in Sri Lanka namely, Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy, Sri Maha Bodhi, Ruwanveli Great Pagoda and many sacred places in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kataragama, Maligavila, Tantirimale with the participation of thousand laities. During these pilgrimages the devotees engaged in spiritual and behavioral development through Observations of Sil, Meditation, Dhamma Preaching, Buddha Pooja and Bodhi Pooja.

Disaster Relief Services

People of rural villages in Sri Lanka live under difficult conditions due to inadequate infrastructure facilities, frequent natural disasters such as flood, drought and landslide and man-made disasters. The Foundation is always prepared to assist the people in rural villages in such situations. During the period of ethnic conflict, Foundation provided assistance border villagers of Welioya, Konketiyawa, Vahalkada, Kahatagolleva, Tammenneva, Ruwanpura, Mailankulama, Kumbukveva, Padaviya, Mahasenpura, Bisokotuwa etc. Also, the Foundation served Kohonawala, Vevatenna and Vellanda villages in Badulla District and Padaviya, Sri Pura, Helambagasveva of Anuradhapura District during recent natural disasters. 

Reconciliation among Ethnics and Religious Groups

During 30 years of ethnic conflict, all Sri Lankan ethnic groups suffered a lot under going various difficulties. One of the main reasons for this ethnic conflict was the inability to establish reconciliation between various ethnic and religious groups. Sri Siddhartha Foundation has started a mission to create a platform for the establishment of peace and harmony among these ethnic groups. Such reconciliation efforts were made in Punani and Mailan Karacchi of Batticaloa District. Meanwhile Taipongal festival of Tamil brotherhood was successfully celebrated at Pulandawa village in Mannar with the participation of Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim groups and Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Islam religious groups. On this occasion, religious and cultural exchange programmes were held and also food and clothes were distributed among 200 families. 

Establishment Maintenance Mechanism

Sri Siddhartha Foundation believes that the initial funds or assistance needed are not adequate for regular maintenance of temples. Strong maintenance mechanism is required to continue the temple activities. Therefore, the foundation is arranging a long lasting solution for this issue by income generating sources to meet their monthly and annual expenses for Electricity, Water, Telephone and Emergency Medical Treatment. Towards this purpose the Foundation organised following income generating sources.

 - Offering Lands and Paddy Fields 

Foundation offered 2 acres of Paddy Field to Siri Dhammarathana Monastic School, Samana Bedda, Uhana in Ampara District as income source to meet daily expenses of the Monastic School.

 - Coordinating Benefactors

The benefactors who are willing to support are coordinated to those rural temples and to build strong continuous support mechanism to the temples. 


In addition to the above activities, the Foundation has been carrying out following community services over the last 10 years.

  • Operating a Computer Center
  • Providing Funeral Assistance
  • Assistance for Self Employment
  • Conduct Home Gardening Programs
  • Construction of Roads
  • Providing Services during the period of Ethnic Conflict
  • Providing Welfare Services to these affected by War and Natural Diseases
  • Conducting Cultural Programs