Giribhanda Pooja

This year, 200 temples in Matale District are selected for Giribhanda Pooja. Matale is a historically significant venue for the whole Buddhist World. The teaching of Buddha, for 450 years after Parinirvana, continued by word of mouth (oral tradition) from generation to generation of monks. Sri Lankan Arahant (A "perfected person" having attained nirvana) Monks realizing the danger associated with the continuation of Buddha teaching in oral tradition, 500 Arahant Monks gathered at Cave Temple called Alu Vihara in Matale and held Sanga Conference in 454 Buddha Era (1st Century BC) and wrote Tripitika canon series on palm leaves. Today, the Tripitika canon series which has been translated in to many languages is the teaching of Buddha which was written in Pali language at Alu Vihara.

There are many temples in Matale District, which are handicapped due to various factors. The temples of these villages experience inadequacies in infrastructure facilities, threats from wild elephants and other wild animals and most of the lay supporter of the temples are low income earners.  Because of these factors it has become difficult to maintain these temples. To alleviate the conditions of temples, the Foundation has decided to conduct this year’s Giribhanda Pooja for 200 temples in Matale District and to donate USD 500 to each of the 200 temples totalling to USD 100,000 .


Proposed Temples for the Giribhanda Pooja - 2016


The Seventh Giribanda Pooja in scheduled to be held on 18th September 2016 at Navinna Public Play Ground, Maharama. The arrangements are in progress for the Seventh Pooja in Matale District in the Central Province. The Foundation has identified 200 rural Buddhist Temples located mainly in Vilgamuwa, Laggala, Ukuwela, Yatawatta, Naula, Raththota, Pallepola, Dambulla, Galewela and Matale. In these areas the people are very poor and they are not in a position to maintain a Buddhist Temples by themselves. Buddhist monks are not having basic facilities such as shelter, regular alms, robes, transport, meditation etc.

The list of selected temples is as follows:

Vilgamuwa (All the temples)     29
Laggala (All the temples)    16
Matale Temples    15
Ukuwela Temples   19
Yatawatta Temples   15
Naula Temples   17
Rattota Temples   17
Palepola Temples   15
Dambulla Temples   26
Amban Ganga Korale Temples   07
Galewela Temples   20
Other Temples   04


Scheduled activities for Giribhanda Pooja

  • On 8th September 2016
    • 8.00 a.m - Offering items Procession 
    • 9.00 a.m - Stack Pooja Materials at the Special Platform 
  • On 10th September 2016
    • 9.00 a.m Opening of Giribhanda Pooja Mandapaya
  • From 10th September 2016 to 17th September 2016
    • Stack Pooja Materials offer by the Devotees in Giribhanda Pooja Mandapaya
    • Holding the Atavisi Buddha Pooja, Bodhi Pooja, Pirith Chanting, Preaching Dhamma Desana, Offering Dana during 6.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m daily.
  • From 18th September 2016 
    • Procession of Bhikkus arriving from rural temples in Matale District.
    • Welcome of all the Bhikku and commence the religious activities
    • Offering memorial plaques & books (this includes description of monks who arrived from difficult areas) messages from Mahanayakathero, 
    • Offering pooja set for each temple and Sangika Danaya
  • From 23rd and 24th September 2016
    • Transport Pooja items to four locations in Matale District and distribute them amoung respective temples
    • Releasing the prisoners who were jailed due to inability to pay small fines by paying the due fines.
    • Offer free hair cut (Saloon) serivces
    • Conduct special programs for temples in difficult areas.
      • Appoint devotees to look after these temples (Monthly & Annually)
      • Assist for carring out Katina Pinkama
      • Providing educational assistance for the students monks
      • Construction of new buildings & repairing old buildings
      • Donate for Dhamma School & Pre-Schools
      • Helping people with low-income in the area. 

Please refer Giribhanda Pooja Location Map 

How can you help to promote the Giribhanda Pooja programme

  • By consenting  to offer all the offerings (items) or the value for the one set scheduled for a single temple (The value of one package is US$ 500).
  • Offering whatever you wish to for the Giribhanda Pooja.
  • Contributing towards cost of purchasing necessary items, meeting the transport expenses and any other necessities that has to be incurred.
  • Accepting to provide monthly or annually for the meals by providing funds for the Priests in Temples who are surviving on harsh and rough items of food. 
  • Helping in the education of the students Monks in the area as they are the ones who will grow up as the  saviors of  the  region in the future.
  • Assisting or conducting  the sacred offering ceremony of robes (Kathina Pinkama) in temples which cannot do so due to shortage of necessary funds.
  • Helping to put up  necessary buildings  or helping to repair existing buildings.
  • Assist to get the supply of electricity and water to a temple.
  • Helping and extending co-operation in any other way in consultation with the organizing Committe.