The message from the Executive Director

The message from the Executive Director of Sri Siddhartha Foundation

Ven. Talagala Sumanarathana Thero
Ven. Talagala Sumanarathana Thero

Sri Siddhartha Foundation established under the theme of ‘Sri Siddhartha Foundation for meaningful world’ is a public voluntary organization for the spiritual and physical development of the society transcending religious and ethnic differences. There are various programs such as education, health, agricultural, economics and cultural development. Spiritual development has emerged as the priority in the world today. To achieve the world priority, spiritual development, the mission of the Foundation is to develop temples which are the centers of villages and the monastic life of monks who are the local village leaders. Foundation strongly believe on of its goals - spiritual development of the villagers can be acheived through the leadership of monastic monks.

In providing the services, the Foundation prioritize the development of rural areas as against the urban. Developing temples, monastic life of monks and life conditions of villagers are the main responsibilities of the Foundation. Towards the fulfilment of this responsibility, Foundation has launched its development activities in rural temples since 2003. With a view to achieve the said objectives, the Foundation has initiated a special program titled Giribhanda Pooja in the year 2003. This year (2016) the Foundation is organizing to conduct its Seventh Giribhanda Pooja Program.

Giribhanda Pooja is a unique indigenous material meritorious ceremony which is not found in any other country in the Word. This ceremony has been founded by Sri Lankan King ‘Mahadathita Mahanaga’ who lived in First Century A.D. Giribhanda Pooja, as its name signifies is because of essential material needs offered to a size of a mountain. The Seventh Giribhanda Pooja is scheduled to be held on 18th September 2016 at Maharagama Municipal Council’s, Navinna Public Playground. The Foundation has selected 200 rural temples in Matale District which is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.

Matale District is a historical venue for the whole Buddhist world because until 450 years from the passing away of the Gautama Buddha, Tripitaka- Canon the teaching of the Buddha was not in any form of written but continued through oral tradition from generation to generation of monks. For the First time in the history ‘Tripitaka’ containing great teaching of the Buddha was written on palm leaves books at a cave temple called ‘Alu Vihara’ in Matale District in first Century B.C. Today, we find ‘Tripitaka’ canon series in many languages. All these translations were from the original Pali Tripitaka canon which was hand written at Alu Vihara Temple.

Most of places in Matale District are considered rural and the people who live in this areas with less than basic needs and often threated by wild elephants. Under such conditions temples in these areas are facing numerous difficulties in performing their service. Lack of proper buildings, furniture, nutritious food, robes is only a few of the difficulties most of these temples are encountering. No matter how hard the life is, monks of these temples strive steadfastly to protect Buddha Sasana and provide religious and social services for these villages with much less than inadequate facilities. It is for these village temples Sri Siddhartha Foundation is organizing the Seventh Giribhandha Pooja Ceremony.

Sri Siddhartha Foundation kindly invite you all honorable supporters to be a part of our organization and assist to make our mission a success.

You can support for these temples in various ways:-

  • Funding for Giribhanda Pooja
  • Constructing Essential Buildings
  • Helping for monastic education of student monks
  • Conducting Katina Robe Ceremony
  • Funding for monthly expenses of temples

‘May you all be well with the blessings of the Triple Gems’